How to use this toolkit ?

Photo: Jonathan Ford
  • This Toolkit is an introductory resource primarily for National CSO Platforms (NCPs) that have limited knowledge of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).  
  • The Toolkit is intended to strengthen the ability of NCPs to support their member organisations in the area of DRR. It is also relevant to those more experienced in DRR, and elements of it may be used by a more general audience. 
  • The Toolkit uses an Assessment Tool to establish the level of support each NCP currently offers its members in dealing with disasters in eight main areas.  
  • The eight corresponding sections of the Toolkit elaborate on these, including examples, and suggest Action Points, which can be used to develop action plans. 
  • Five Case Studies are provided. The end of each section indicates which Case Studies are relevant to that section. 
  • The Toolkit can be used offline, as each section is also provided as a downloadable PDF. 
  • The Toolkit is available in English, Spanish and French.