About the DRR toolkit

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In 2019 Forus started a project to strengthen the capacities of national NGO platforms in crisis and post-emergency situations with the support of the Fondation de France. The objective of this project was to research and strengthen the role of CSO umbrella organizations in coordinating disaster risk reduction and post-emergency interventions.

Forus collaborated with the Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) and Save the Children Switzerland.

Research and development of this toolkit was conducted by www.inventing-futures.org . The principal researchers were Terry Gibson at Inventing Futures, John Norton at Development Workshop France, and Lucy Figeroa at Arca Associates who produced the English text. The French and Spanish texts have been developed by Forus.

If you have any questions regarding the DRR toolkit or the work of Forus, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@forus-international.org


This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union and the Fondation de France. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Forus and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union or the Fondation de France.